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Team Voodoo shift knobs
The "Nearly Legendary" short-shift knob


A Voodoo shift knob is the fastest and easiest mod you'll ever make to your car. Improved short-shifting capability is immediate!  Voodoo shift knobs have been the enthusiast's first choice for driving enhancement since 1992.

Breaking news: Team Voodoo shift knobs confirmed to fit the 2016+ MX-5 Miata (aka: ND). Manual transmission ONLY.

Voodoo knob vs stock knobVoodoo in ND







Thank you Mark Booth for the photos above & congratulations on your new ND


NOTE: Listed below are the different finishes of Voodoo knobs that we currently have in stock. These Voodoo knobs fit Mazda Miata, Mazda RX-8, Nissan 350Z and Infiniti G35. We also have Voodoo knobs for Subaru & Toyota vehicles (including the BRZ & FR-S twins). Other makes and models as well as other finishes will be added soon.  Please check back often for updates.

Please note: Voodoo knobs do not fit 2014+ Mazda3 (sorry).

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Voodoo knob, Magnum, Spun - Titanium, Honda S2000
Voodoo knob, Magnum, Spun - Titanium, Honda S2000

Want to own a truly unique Voodoo knob? Here it is: Solid TITANIUM in a Spun finish.  Very popular with S-2000 owners, this Team Voodoo Magnum TITANIUM shift knob is almost twice the weight of our Aluminum version. Plus, you won't see these on every other car. Thread is 10 x 1.50 mm VK-93

Aluminum Spun(in center) @ 5.2 oz (175 grams)   

Titanium (on the left) @ 9.3 oz (284 grams)


Voodoo knob, Magnum, Spun for Honda S2000


Our nearly legendary Voodoo knob designed for the Honda S2000 (will fit most Honda products). Spun finish.

Thread is 10 x 1.50 mm   VK-90


Voodoo Knob, Honda S2000, Standard, Spun

Our nearly legendary Voodoo knob designed for the Honda S2000 (will fit most Honda products). Spun finish.

Note: This is the "standard" size Voodoo knob, it is 1 7/8" dimeter.

Thread is 10 x 1.50 mm  VK-57


Want to make your Voodoo shift knob truly your own?  Get it custom engraved by none other than The Knobmeister himself. For contact info go to our Links page.


Coming soon more new additions to the Team Voodoo line

Check this space often. We will soon have some very exciting news regarding the "Nearly Legendary" Team Voodoo shift knob line. You don't want to miss this. We've added the *new* Voodoo knob for automatics, but there is still more to come.  Can you say Black Chrome?  Stay tuned. 

Just added Subaru WRX Voodoo knobs in Magnum size and available in Polished finish. Note this Voodoo knob also fits Toyotas.

Another WRX Voodoo knob has been added; this one fits the WRX STi with reverse lockout. And it's available in our two most popular finishes: Spun and Piano Black. Soon available in Pearl finish. Note: these Voodoo knobs will also fit the Scion FR-S & Subaru BRZ.

Check out the new Black Pearl - very cool! These will likely become one of our most popular Voodoo knobs. For Mazda and Nissan (we also have a very few Honda Black Pearls)

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