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Thompson Automotive disappearing front license plate bracket
NEW design!  in stock now

This uniquely designed plate holder is the answer to obeying the law in those states and provinces that requie a front license plate, while avoiding the potential for getting dents in your bumper from a careless driver parking in front of you or blocking air flow to your radiator.

When your car is parked (or travelling below 25 MPH) your license plate appears as normal, hanging in the grill opening.

View when stopped

But when moving your plate will swing up out of the way, allowing full air flow to your radiator

View when moving

Disappearing plate bracket - NA only
Disappearing plate bracket - NA only

Swinging front license plate bracket for 1990 - 1997 Miata (MX-5).  New revision to the original design - these new brackets are built entirely of ABS plastic; they will never chip, peel or rust. In-stock and available for immediate shipment.


Disappearing plate bracket - NB cars
Disappearing plate bracket - NB cars

After many requests we have finally found a way to design a folding (i.e. disappearing) front plate bracket to fit all versions of 2nd generation Miata/MX-5 (NB's). Yes, it even fits the MazdaSpeed!

This unique bracket is designed so that when your vehicle is stopped the plate appears normal, but when you get moving (about 20 MPH) the air pressure causes the plate to swing-up out of the way allowing full air flow to the radiator.  The entire system is manufactured of industrial grade ABS, so there is zero chance of rust ever becoming an issue.


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