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It all started in late 2000 when I bought my 2nd Miata. I always did my own oil changes, but on the Miata it was a real hassle! When I got my 2001 LS I noticed that there was room just inside the engine compartment behind the passenger-side headlight that would be a perfect location for a remote filter. I bought a commercially available kit and tried to adapt it to fit this space. When multiple efforts at fitting this kit to that space failed to produce an acceptable result, I started from scratch with my own design.

The resulting Thompson Quick-Change oil filter relocation kit is now in use in well over 600 Miatas world-wide.

What we do:

We design and manufacture high-quality aftermarket accessories specifically for the Mazda Miata (MX-5). We also have products for Honda S200, Subaru WRX & BRZ as well as Scion FR-S and other sports oriented cars. Our goal is to provide you, the enthusiast, with the best quality products to enhance your driving experience.

Our first product was our well respected Quick-Change oil filter relocation kits. We've been producing these kits specifically to customer order since mid 2002. See the Oil Filter relocation kits page for details and pricing on these kits.

Next, we designed and built a DIN panel to allow installation of REAL oil pressure, oil temperature and other gauges in the standard DIN slot in the center console (2nd gen or NB Miatas). Note these panels also fit RX-7s.

Then we added the new Nautilus Compact Twin-Tone Air Horn to our inventory and designed a custom mounting bracket specifically for Miatas. In early 2017 we switched to a more dependable manufacturer of Italian air horns, Marco and now include the Marco Tornado air horn in our kits. Our kit ships complete with our bracket, wiring pigtails, and everything you need to install it in any Miata/MX-5. This horn has been extremely popular with over 3,000 sold.  This horn will fit all generations of Miata (NA, NB, NC & ND), and it's super loud (139 decibels).

We negotiated exclusive rights to manufacture and distribute the "nearly legendary" Voodoo competition shift knobs, developed the first ever Voodoo knob for automatics, and we are always investigating new finishes.

We have taken over exclusive rights to the Kesler disappearing license plate mount for NA Miatas, redesigned it, and now added a new design that will fit NB Miatas - no more dimples in your bumper and unrestricted air flow when in motion. These too have become very popular items.

We added Team Voodoo T-shirts, and most recently our own custom design Miata Enthusiast Hawaiian shirts featuring all 3 generations of Miata/MX-5.

We worked with a manufacturer of a new dress-up product to develop that product for the Miata enthusiast community. The result is Voodoo Caliper Covers.

What will we do next?

Coming Soon:

  • In development now: the Team Voodoo pollo (gallo) as an emblem. Now available.
  • We've recently added an exciting new finish for our infamous Voodoo shift knobs (can you say Black Pearl?)
  • We will soon introduce version II of our very popular Miata Enthusiast Hawaiian shirt featuring all 4 generations of Miata/MX-5.
  • What else would you like to be able to find here? Share your wish list with us.

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