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Customer Reviews

Comments from a few of our customers:

"Thank you for designing the best oil filter relo kit on the planet! I followed your instructions and put mine in last Friday. (It) was a piece of cake.  And best of all, the whole rig looks like a factory install." - John Gross, Half Moon Bay, CA

"The materials and workmanship is top drawer and the instructions are very good." - Richard Manasek, Clinton, TN

"It's well designed, well made and well finished.  The instructions are easy to understand, and there are accompanying photos." - Rob Cook, Whitehall, PA

"The remote oil filter will make oil filter changes a joy!  I am thinking of doing the oil change more often now since its so easy." - Leo Calimbas, Sugarland, TX

"I have worked on space shuttle and space station hardware for 32 years.  The workmanship and quality of your product is as good as the items I worked with." - Joe Morse, The Villages, FL

"Fed Ex delivered the relocation kit today around 1230.  The engineering on the relocation kit is excellent.  I got it installed by 1530 and am really happy with it.  The instructions were very good.  Thanks.  I installed a Brain Storm kit on my M1 and son's M2, and although the Brain Storm kit is superior to the Moss kit, your kit is by far superior in design, materials, instructions and function." - Gary Scott, Ramona, CA

"I just did an install of three of the Thompson kits, one in my '01 and two in my folks' matching '03's.  Tom Thompson is a great guy to do business with, and the kits are the best!  Easy to install, good looking, and no more oil changes with my head in the wheel well!  If you want to relocate your oil filter these kits should be your first choice!" - Mark Burkett, Houston, TX

"Finally got one of these kits.  Almost too pretty to hide under the hood.  Excellent product, in both fit and finish." - Robert Cruickshank, Northfield, VT

"Just wanted to say how impressed I am at the quality of your product and the entire order process. I was in the US Air Force for 20 years and have come to know the meaning of aircraft quality parts. Your kit is simply perfect. Almost too nice to mount under the hood where no one can see it." - Steve Brown, Newark, OH

"I just wanted to drop you a line in praise of your oil filter relocation kit.  I ordered it a few months ago and finally got around to installing it last weekend. The instructions themselves were the best I've ever encountered with any automotive product.  They were really clear and all of the hands-on tips were really helpful.  I was a little tentative about the price of the kit but you clearly get what you pay for.  You obviously really spent some time designing this kit and the materials and workmanship were beyond what I expected and I expected high quality.  I can't wait to do my first oil change, I really feel like I could do it in a tuxedo and come away clean. Thanks for a great product" - Sean Phillips, Manhattan Beach, CA

"The kit installation was straight forward and simple, though tight spaces made some of it a little tricky. The quality of the kit parts is top drawer and I am looking forward to not having to lay on my back with my right arm buried in the right wheel well anymore to get at the filter. Thanks for the quick service and a nice product."  - Gar Jorgenson, Byron, CA

There are benefits to be enjoyed even if you DON'T change your own oil:

"After my first oil change with the Thompson kit installed, a free one from my dealer, the mechanic replied... "Easiest oil change EVER, in ANY car" - Wayne McCann, Virginia Beach, VA

"Today I had my oil changed at the dealer, AND for once there wasn't a puddle of oil on the driveway after I got home!!! Every time I have had the oil changed no mater if it was at the dealers or a quick oil change place they spilled oil all over the frame of the Miata.
WOW.... no more cleaning oil from the bottom of the Miata OR off the driveway!!!"

Karl Mason, Joliet, IL

And on the gauge panel:

"One word.......SWEET!   Got the pkg today. Not only are your products a 10, your packaging, invoice software, heads up from FedEX, that a package is on the way, all contribute to your very high standards of your company and your name. Can't think of ANY other company that covers all the bases like you do."
"Your DIN panel compared to the one that Trackdog and Moss market, isn't even in the same category. What a good looking and sturdy panel. You should charge more for it. Well, at least get what they are getting for that flimsy piece that they sell." - Wayne McCann, Virginia Beach, VA
Air Horn comments:
"Got the package today. Just installed it, replacing my 4th set of Fiamms plus 2 sets of Crazy Reds and the early one from Automation (way, way back when)."
"Much louder with my test beep in the garage."
Thanks again!
"BTW... the filter wrench you have on your site is just like the one I have been using since 1990 when I did the first oil change on the Miata. Back then they were playing with the filter sizes and the Mazda wrench just spun on the filter. I got a nice one from Snap On, but it did the same. I bought this wrench from either NAPA or MAC Tools. I have always used it since." -
Anthony Wilde, Las Vegas, NV

Just wanted to thank you, the horn is Awesome, Installed in under 5 mins.  Sounds great.  My friend has the crazy red horn, and this one sounds 100x better just because its not as high pitched as the red horn.  Thanks again. - Ben Upton, Lubbock, TX

Just a note to say that when I ordered these horns, I had no idea that everything would go so smoothly.  The order arrived very very quickly and I could not wait to install them.  I had done my research about air horns and also that you provided ALL that was needed to have an easy and quick install.  But, I could not believe how smooth and easy they went on.  I had looked under the hood of my 99 Miata and could not figure out how I was going to install any horn, but, your instructions provided me with that solution.  Also my car had several modifications to the front end that required extra thought on my part, but with your instructions and some patience I HAD A NEW (non wimpy) HORN IN NO TIME.  I did not time myself, but I figure with your instructions and included parts needed I had it done in 20 to 30 minutes, even with the added work needed because of the modifications.  THANK YOU SO MUCH you made this great addition easy to install.  - Stephen R. Hall, Hummelstown, PA

I recently purchased the Nautilus Compact Twin-Tone air horn KIT for my Miata NC. Communication from Tom was great, and the horn kit was shipped quickly. Installation was straight forward using the provided (and excellent) instructions and went w/o a hitch. I feel this is a must-have product from a safety standpoint if you own any generation Miata and highly recommend this kit. -  Doug Utz, Howell MI 

Voodoo knob:

I just wanted to thank you for providing an excellent product for a reasonable price. The voodoo knob works perfectly on my 2008 Mx5, and looks pretty hot. I love it! The shipping time was fantastic. I couldn't have asked for better all the way around. Thanks again from a very happy customer! - Tracy Eash, Palm Beach Gardens, FL


I just wanted to compliment you on your incredibly fast delivery of the Voodoo shift knob.  I've ordered from 6-7 different vendors in the last week and you beat them all on getting the product to my door.  Thank you very much.  I love the shift knob! - Ryan Norsworthy, Topeka, KS

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