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Oil Filter Relocation Kit for 2nd generation (NB) Mazda Miata
Over 650 of these kits have been installed

This kit mounts to the large horizontal space just behind the passenger side headlight, NOT to the firewall (hence no noise is transmitted to the passenger compartment).

The Thompson Quick-Change oil filter relocation kit will fit ALL 2nd generation or 'NB' (1999 to 2005) Miatas, including those with ABS and all MazdaSpeed Miatas.

Effective immediately all oil filter relocation kits will ship with an added port to allow the user to add a temperature sensor to the remote base. Just remove the plug and screw-in a temperature sender and you're good to go. Also check-out out our new DIN panel for mounting your gauges.

Oil temperature sensor port in remote base

 Key Benefits:


- Fast & easy oil changes - even for those not particularly mechanically inclined


- No cockpit noise transmitted from filter


- Some additional oil cooling capabilities


- No oil spills


This is it, the oil filter relocation kit you've heard so much about. The two adapter components in our kit are CNC machined from 6061 billet aluminum to our specifications (no die-cast parts here) and anodized black. The hoses and fittings used are aircraft grade.




Thompson Quick-change Oil Filter Relocation kit 2nd gen (NB) only

Thompson Quick-Change oil filter relocation kit with black high-temp hoses and colored (blue with red ring) aluminum anodized fittings. Base and adapter are CNC machined from solid 6061 aircraft grade aluminum, anodized black. All components needed for installation are included with the kit, including a tube of Permatex high-temp thread sealant, mounting hardware and hose protector. Full installation instructions are also included with photos and tips.

This kit not only makes oil changes significantly easier, but also provides some cooling of your oil. Customers have reported oil temps running about 8 degrees below water temps. This is achieved by the filter being mounted away from the block and by the cooling fins on both of the machined components.

This second generation kit has an improved O-Ring (Viton) and groove design that should not require O-Ring replacement for the life of the kit.


Extra Hose Protector
Extra Hose Protector

Sold by the foot this is extra hose protector for protecting your oil lines from abrasion, or in the case of stainless steel lines, it will protect other items in your engine bay from abrasion by the stainless steel braid.


Replacement hose set
Replacement hose set

Rubber hose with aluminum and brass fittings to replace older hose sets on Thompson Quick-Change oil filter relocation kits.


Adapter, Quick-Change Oil Filter Relocation kit - with revised O-ring groove

Replacement part for current owners of Thompson Automotive Oil Filter Relocation kits. If you are about to replace your O-ring, you should consider this upgrade.

It ships with one replacement O-ring made of Viton, a longer lasting version of our original Buna O-ring.


Installation instructions

To download a pdf of the installation instructions for our Quick-Change oil filter relocation kit please click here.

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