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Links to various sources of helpful information

Here we've listed some links to sites that provide helpful information for the enthusiast. Links will open in a new window (new tab in your browser) so you can easily return to Thompson Automotive when ready.

Mazda History Mazda History

This link provides a good summary of the history behind Mazda. We've posted this link at the request of Mason, a fan of Mazda cars and a student at The Learning Center. Thank you Mason, and your volunteer instructor Carey Davis for pointing us to this informative article so we could share it with other Mazda enthusiasts.

Rocky's Miatomotive Rocky's Miatomotive

Looking for a Miata expert to fix your Miata?

Looking for someone knowledgeable who can properly install that new go-fast aftermarket accessory you just bought from our website (or even one of our competitors)?

Just need a tune-up or brake job?

Rocky does it all. Rocky does all the mechanical work on our Voodoo wagon that we either can't do ourselves or just don't have time for. And we won't let anyone else touch it.

If you are located in Southern California and need a Miata expert contact Rocky.
Miata.net Miata.net

The best place to get all kinds of information about Mazda Miatas / MX-5's

Thompson Automotive is a proud sponsor of Miata.net

Cool Breeze Scoop Cool Breeze Scoop

Note: It has come to our attention that this product is no longer in production, and the company who made it is out of business. You may be able to find a used one online. Good luck.

This is a high-quality product designed to provide a "cool breeze" when driving your Miata / MX-5 in hot weather.  Simple installation and high quality materials.  Check it out. Designed and marketed by our friend Bruce Hearne.

Oil Filter Study

Russell Knize's well respected disection study of many popular oil filters. Check out this very through study and make your own decisions as to which filter you are most comfortable with.

Bob is the Oil Guy

Everything you ever wanted to know about oil, but were afraid to ask (or didn't know whom to ask it of)?

Used Miata parts in So Cal Used Miata parts in So Cal

 These guys typically will supply used Miata parts at about 1/2 the cost of the same part new.

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