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Team Voodoo shift knobs > Voodoo knob, Magnum, Titanium, WRX & Toyota
Voodoo knob, Magnum, Titanium, WRX & Toyota
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Price: $175.00
Availability: In-Stock
Prod. Code: VK-96
Tags: Vehicle Make (Lexus, Subaru, Toyota)

All of our Team Voodoo competition shift knobs are machined from solid 6061-T6 Aluminum, EXCEPT this one.  This Voodoo knob is VERY popular with the Honda S-2000 crowd; it is machined from solid Titanium!

Almost twice the weight of the aluminum knob, and a noticably darker color, this Voodoo knob is designed for the individual who really wants to be different. Or who just enjoys the solid feel of a heavier shift knob. 

Aluminum Spun(in center) @ 5.2 oz (175 grams)   

Titanium (on the left) @ 9.3 oz (284 grams)

 Fits Subaru WRX & Toyota (Lexus) with 12 x 1.25 mm threads.

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