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Voodoo knob, Magnum, Delrin, Polished, Black

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Prod. Code: VK-DB
Tags: Vehicle Make (Mazda, Nissan)

Our latest Voodoo knob designed specifically for harsh environments (Hot or Cold). This newest Voodoo knob is identical to our other Voodoo knobs in producing instant shortened-throw shifting but with the added benefit of insulating against either heat or cold conditions. This is achieved by the material it is made from. The entire knob is made from Delrin (acetal polythermoplastic) , and polished. It is however, 1/2 the weight of our other (aluminum) Voodoo knobs at 3 oz. (84 grams). So if you want a heavy knob this one is not for you. On the other hand if you want a Voodoo knob, but are concerned about the knob absorbing heat or cold, this IS your Voodoo knob.

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