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The items available on this site were primarily designed and manufactured to fit Mazda Miata/MX-5's. Most items will fit pretty much any Mazda product. Some products will also work with other makes and models (Honda, Acura, Nissan, Infiniti, Toyota, Lexus, etc.) and are identified as such.



You will note that most of our items are manufactured in the USA. We make a serious effort to support US Manufacturers in this way. We hope our customers will appreciate this and help us in that support.

Throughout our site you will see references to NA, NB, NC & ND used to designate the 4 generations of Miata/MX-5. For anyone not familiar with this designation, here is the meaning of these codes:

NA = 1st generation, model years 1990 thru 1997 (there was no model year 1998 sold in the US)

NB = 2nd generation, model years 1999 thru 2005

NC = 3rd generation, model years 2006 to 2015

ND = 4th generation, model year 2016+

Please enjoy your shopping...

Now in-stock and available for immediate shipment

Miata Enthusiast Hawaiian Shirts - These exclusive shirts are now in stock. This stunning high-quality Hawaiian shirt features all 4 generations of Miata/MX-5.  Click on the Shirts button for more info.

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Available now:

Pistol Grip Voodoo knobs - Now back by popular demand. We had "retired" the Pistol Grip version of our very popular Voodoo knobs several years ago, but popular demand has convinced us to bring them back for a limited engagement. Check them out at the top of our Team Voodoo shift knob page.

Voodoo Brake Grips - Just added two new finishes of brake grips; Piano Black & Textured (wrinkle). We've also made all our brake grip finishes (Polished, Piano Black & Textured) available in matched sets; Voodoo shift knobs and brake grips, and offered them at a special discounted price. Click here for more info.

Voodoo Caliper Covers - Available now. Get the look of high-end aftermarket brake systems for a fraction of the cost and a LOT less work. Click here to check them out.

Team Voodoo T-shirts - Available now, three distinct designs. Available in Medium, Large, XL & XXL. Check out the lower part of the Shirts page for details.

Voodoo shift knobs for MX-5 automatics - Available in either Piano Black or Spun finish. Click here to learn more or to order.

Disappearing license plate mount for NA & NB cars -  Available now!.  Go here for details.

New products from Thompson Automotive:

New Gauge Kit: We've applied the same meticulous quality & design criteria used in developing our well regarded oil filter relocation kits to the development of a new gauge kit.  Key to this new kit is the DIN mounting panel. This new panel will match your interior perfectly, and will snap securely into place. No glue needed!

Team Voodoo Magnum Shift Knobs: "Nearly Legendary" Team Voodoo Magnum Shift knobs - the highest quality, quickest, performance upgrade for various sportscars since 1994.

New Stainless Steel braided brake and clutch lines for all Miatas: These are cool. Not only will they provide quicker acting brakes and a firmer pedal feel, but they are also available in colors (red, blue, yellow, black or clear). Available NOW for 2006+ MX-5's.

Disappearing front license bracket: Our newest item for 1st & 2nd generation Miatas (MX-5). Lets your front license plate swing up and out of the way when your car is moving, and drop back when stopped.

High-quality products from other manufacturers:

No longer will you have to surf all over looking for that special item for your car. We are adding many high-quality items that enthusiasts look for. Now you will be able to do more of your shopping all in one place.

Floor mats! We have completed agreements on carpeted floor mats in colors to match or complement your interior. We can offer you a range of choices; from plain (but high-quality), to embroidered, to Voodoo logo mats. Check out the mats page for the latest.

Coming soon:

Team Voodoo competition shift knobs: Exciting new finishes are in the works. 

Another new & exciting Team Voodoo product is here: No, it's not another shift knob. But if you like our Team Voodoo decals, you're going to love this new item. Our nearly legendary prancing rooster is now an emblem. Click here for more info.

So go ahead and have a look around, and come back often to see what new items have been added. You might also want to check the New Stuff page for updates.


We are continually updating this site and adding products, so if you don't find what you are looking for contact us, we may have it "in the works" but not yet on the site.

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